EmLavArt //High-density Collage by Emily Lavalier
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from 25.00

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Original/ $2100/ 14x20 framed in green by Steve Schaban at Fast Frame

12x18" limited edition reproductions/ unframed on cardstock with .5 inch border limited to 100 - $45.00

While a friend was on vacation in Aruba he took a photo of this beautiful woman walking on the beach. She was in perfect shape and good health and also happened to be a perfectly legal prostitute. The photo had an antique glow to it and a unique composition, so Emily set off to recreate this image.

This piece reflects a the first woman Emily included in a work, and her skin color is done by scraps of skin colors from different models in magazines. The bag she is carrying is made by first braiding colored floss and then glueing this long braid around itself. The sand was also very time consuming to create- as it is done by glued tiny balls- which roll all over and never dry fast enough!

This original is available as well as a very limited run of reproductions printed on weighted cardstock paper with 1.5 inch borders. Completed originals are scanned by Terry at Artist's Resource Group in NE Minneapolis, where his ever-improving technology has paved the way for textured reproductions. Currently EmLavArt's work is available as an original, flat canvas reproductions on gallery wrapped hand-cut bars, or limited-edition archival reproductions.

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