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Time Changes Everything (formerly Lovebirds)

Time Changes Everything (formerly Lovebirds)


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Original/ SOLD

11x14 limited edition reproductions/ $40/ limited to 100/ one inch border around this brightly colored reproduction on cardstock weighted paper

One of the first originals in her series, these birds are faintly reminiscent of the artist’s favorite bird- the Rainbow Lorikeet. The tail feathers grew a lot through the process and Emily used feather shaped gemstones to create the original texture. The birds started with a heart in between them- but just like time changes love in real life, time changed these birds as well. The heart changed into rainclouds and the theme of this piece went from ‘True Love’, to ‘Love- through thick and thin.’

Greeting Cards portraying this piece and 11x14 prints available at most EmLavArt shows. No further reproductions will be made of this piece so get yours before they are gone!

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