EmLavArt //High-density Collage by Emily Lavalier
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Target Field, Minneapolis MN

Target Field, Minneapolis MN

from 15.00

Available As:

Original/ $1085/ 16x16 matted in red by Steve Schaban at Fast Frame in Minneapolis

12x12 early edition reproductions/ $15/ very first run of reproductions produced, cardstock with .5 inch border limited to 350 - $25.00

This collage, originally titled Pride, took many creative turns over the course of its creation. The Twins logo- Emily’s favorite part of Target Field, with the St. Paul and Minneapolis mascot’s shaking hands- is hand-drawn and took a few attempts. This logo is lifted off the original with thick cardboard. The homerun baseball on the left is also raised slightly.

Other aspects of this original include the the Minneapolis Skyline, seen in the starry night sky in the background, a letter ‘d’ (a tribute to ASL, which the artist’s was learning at the time"), and cut pieces of scrapbooking paper for the concessions stands.

Currently, completed originals are scanned by Terry at Artist's Resource Group in NE Minneapolis, where his ever-improving technology has paved the way for textured reproductions. However, the reproductions for this Twins original were made by pictures Molly Jensen Photography took of the piece in 2015. The dimension in this one is still apparent, but not quite as much so as other reproductions available. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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