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A Toilet in Key West

A Toilet in Key West

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Original/ SOLD

16x20 limited edition reproductions/$55/glossy with 1 inch white border/First run prints, signed/dated, limited to 50

12x16 limited edition weighted reproductions/$30/ weighted paper with .5 inch border on long sides, 1.5 inch border at top/ limited to 200

This original was created in 2016 after the artist picked up a bathroom remodeling book from the Goodwill. This is a collage of a toilet made out of toilets- seventeen to be exact. Can you find them? A great piece to hang in a bathroom as it gives the viewer something to occupy them as they sit!

This original sold at Art in Bayfront Park in 2017. 16x20 Glossy reproductions are limited to 50 and will be retired soon. 12x16 weighted reproductions are limited to 200.

Currently, completed originals are scanned by Terry at Artist's Resource Group in NE Minneapolis, where his ever-improving technology has paved the way for textured reproductions. However, the reproductions for this Toilet original were made by pictures Molly Jensen Photography took of the piece in 2015. The dimension in this one is still apparent, but not quite as much so as other reproductions available. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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