EmLavArt //High-density Collage by Emily Lavalier
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Cedar-Riverside Apartments

Cedar-Riverside Apartments


Available As:

Original/ SOLD /12x18 matted in navy blue and framed in metal by Michaels framing

12x18 reproductions/$20/ early open edition on weighted cardstock/ 1 inch borders

The Cedar-Riverside apartments are a familiar sight in Minneapolis, one that causes mixed emotions and different associations to anyone you ask. They were built as a high-end apartment complex and have since moved to a low-income residences Currently these apartments house a mainly immigrant population- in the past- Mary Tyler Moore. What haven’t changed are the brightly colored panels adoring the exterior or the varying heights of the six buildings- originally built to represent the diversity of it’s population.

In Emily’s artistic rendition of these buildings she has included the first two pictures of non-white actors she could find from her collection of magazines- Barak Obama and Dev Patel’s faces are hidden in the buildings. She also cut apart a Disney book and included a hidden Mickey and Peter Pan slightly in the background.

Currently, completed originals are scanned by Terry at Artist's Resource Group in NE Minneapolis, where his ever-improving technology has paved the way for textured reproductions. However, the reproductions for this Riverside original were made by pictures Molly Jensen Photography took of the piece in 2015. The dimension in this 12x18 reproduction is still apparent, but not quite as much so as other reproductions available. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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