Fancy Ladies

In an effort to create originals depicting ladies who could be any woman, Emily creates her ‘Fancy Ladies’ by cutting pieces of paper from models in magazines such as Elle, Vanity Fair, Essence, and Sports Illustrated. Below are process pictures from some of her first Fancy Ladies.

In 2017 Emily began her Princesses of Today Series, depicting women from various caretaker, and other under-valued roles. So far in the series she has created a Direct Support Worker, a Protester, a Gardener, a Hospice Nurse, a Teacher and has started her Nurse original. Below are photos of a few pieces in this collection.

Skylines and Cityscapes

Skylines and cityscapes are definitely a favorite. Early on, Emily started her Hotel Series and used a straight edge and ruler to measure out perspective. From these came her Minneapolis and St. Paul skylines which utilized a paper-cutter for the consistent weight and size of the layered strips of paper. Below are some process pictures from a few of the cityscapes and skylines completed so far: