Minnesota Growler Series

After multiple serving jobs through her college career, Emily jumped right on the taproom bandwagon when it rolled out with the Surly Law in Minnesota. She worked at 612 Brew in Northeast and visited the freshly minted breweries often. When EmLavArt was gaining traction it was mostly due to her regular showings in these same buildings . Emily strongly believes the revolution is going to begin in taprooms.

Her first growler was finished in 2014, (shown below), and was less detailed then any of her other work. Through the summer of 2015 Emily sold limited reproductions of this first grower, and after enough customers requested different local breweries be added to the original, Emily decided to start on the Growler Project. So far Emily has made localized growlers representing: South Central Minnesota, Northeast Minnesota/Duluth, Downtown Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities Suburbs.

Emily makes these regionalized growlers by collecting photos, flyers, and coasters from each taproom in an area- then brings them home to cut apart. She prints her photographs at Walgreens  and has each original scanned by Artist's Resource Group upon completion. The reproductions are limited to 100 of each and a portion of proceeds are donated to Hammer Residencies in Wayzata, MN. Each reproduction is individually cut and raised to make the growler stand out from the background.  


This is a photo of the original Growler. It was actually quite small, only 5x7, but the reproductions are enlarged to a page size of 11x14 and an image size of just over 7x9". The reproductions are also edited so that the background is completely black and white, while the growler is still colored. (Below)


Above is part of the Northeast breweries collection. You can see there were a lot of coasters collected, but also Emily took photos of some key features of the breweries to include- the cooler at ABLE Brewing, the giant cribbage board from Headflyer Brewing, and the outdoor signage from Dangerous Man. 

Growler card copy.jpg

Each Growler begins with the original 11x14 Minnesota Growler print. This print is very basic, with grey and black in the background and oranges to depict the color of the beer. 


After visiting the breweries in the region, Emily cuts the photos, coasters, stickers, and other paraphernalia to much smaller pieces, then arranges these with the black's and grey's in the background, and the color creating the shape of the growler. 


Above is an example of a growler that has been added to a second time. The Suburbs Growler was created like others, but then a year later Emily added items from a few new breweries were added during 2017. 

A few of the stops: